We take considerable pride in our proven track record for designing BGA-populated PCBs using the latest technologies. We successfully design boards with an array of different types of BGAs. Our capabilities include:

  • Dog-bone versus daisy chain routing
  • PCB designs with BGAs on one side or both
  • Test points for BGAs
  • 3 mil traces, 3 mil spaces
  • BGA designs with simulation

>Design with BGAs

PCB fabrication involves a number of key considerations to assure effective assembly of boards using BGAs. Those include:

  • Surface flatness
  • Using the correct surface finish
  • Board thickness
  • Evaluating BGA packages versus board thickness
  • Oxidation and other related issues
  • Balance board construction

>>Fabrication with BGAs

Successful assembly of PCBs populated with BGAs calls for special attention to a number of factors. Among them are:

  • Comprehensive assembly drawing
  • Correct thermal profile
  • Determining leaded versus lead-free BGAs
  • Deploying advanced tools and procedures
  • Careful BGA inspection to uncover potential problems

>>Assembly with BGAs


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