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We take considerable pride in our proven track record for designing BGA-populated PCBs using the latest technologies. We successfully design boards with an array of different types of BGAs. Our capabilities include:

  • Dog-bone versus daisy chain routing
  • PCB designs with BGAs on one side or both
  • Test points for BGAs
  • 3 mil traces, 3 mil spaces
  • BGA designs with simulation

>Design with BGAs

PCB fabrication involves a number of key considerations to assure effective assembly of boards using BGAs. Those include:

  • Surface flatness
  • Using the correct surface finish
  • Board thickness
  • Evaluating BGA packages versus board thickness
  • Oxidation and other related issues
  • Balance board construction

>>Fabrication with BGAs

Successful assembly of PCBs populated with BGAs calls for special attention to a number of factors. Among them are:

  • Comprehensive assembly drawing
  • Correct thermal profile
  • Determining leaded versus lead-free BGAs
  • Deploying advanced tools and procedures
  • Careful BGA inspection to uncover potential problems

>>Assembly with BGAs


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This website is about BGAs and ways your design, fabrication, and assembly concerns can be resolved. Based on our own hands-on BGA experiences in design and assembly, we’ll be posting new BGA developments as they affect your product developments and manufacture. Our goal is to give you advanced information on this packaging technology as a way to help you get a good handle on these issues and how we can help you resolve them.

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OEMs from far and wide come to us to take advantage of our design expertise in fine pitch and ultra-fine pitch BGAs. It makes considerable sense for you to come to us if you have design or manufacturing issues dealing with today’s advanced 0.3mm ultra-fine pitch BGAs on your PCBs.

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