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Today, BGAs are splintered into various types and configurations. There are plastic, metallic, aluminum, glass, or epoxy-based frames. There are also different sizes with different numbers of leads ranging from 156- to 1,278 pins.

Ball Grid Array 6654

Since the company started in 1995, engineers and technicians at NexLogic Technologies have accumulated a wealth of experience in PCB design, fabrication, and assembly. Along the way, we’ve grown up with the technology of BGA packaging from its early beginnings and have come to master its growing complexities.


With such a wide range of BGA options, it takes considerable know-how and practical experience to design, fabricate, and assemble PCBs populated with BGAs. At NexLogic, we stand ready with our storehouse of BGA knowledge to help you through a multitude of issues these complex and demanding BGAs pose.

Our staff of engineers and technicians is well-trained to eliminate problematic areas BGAs can pose. We are also well equipped with leading edge systems and state-of-the-art, high-powered x-ray systems to provide highly satisfactory BGA assembly.

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To speak to a BGA specialist, please call us at 1.866.845.1197 or email us at info@bga.net.

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