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BGA Information

The industry’s technology trends are unquestionably towards BGA-based system designs.  OEM design management is opting for greater deployment of BGA packaged devices for greater design efficiency and cost savings. Meanwhile, chipmakers like Altera, Freescale, Texas Instruments, and others are packaging their products in newer, more complex BGAs and micro BGAs.  Consequently, BGA-populated PCBs are posing newer, more challenging issues at design, fabrication, and assembly.

There are countless facets associated with Ball-Grid Arrays (BGAs) at PCB design, fabrication, component selection, and assembly.  And the push for greater chip and component complexity is further extending the technology of the BGA package.  On the one hand, it’s advantageous to pack more circuitry at lower cost on a piece of silicon.  But on the other hand, you need an assortment of BGAs to package that silicon. As a result, the growing complexities of BGAs pose major challenges and potential pitfalls to OEM engineering. These difficult and demanding BGA design, fabrication, and assembly issues clearly demand expertise to fully understand them and the ability to apply the proper PCB design layout know-how at the outset to eliminate those perplexing problems.

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