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BGA Tutorial

The micro-ball grid array is one of the most advanced surface mount devices and is quickly becoming the package of choice by the electronic circuit designers. A micro BGA is a sub class of the generic BGA (ball grid array). Typical BGA packages have ball-to-ball pitch of 1.0mm or 0.8mm, whereas typical micro BGA packages have a pitch of about 0.4mm or less. This permits package size reduction, among other advantages, plus micro BGAs can placed in close proximity on a PCB (printed circuit board), thereby utilizing board real estate more efficiently.

Packaging technology plays a key role in device performance. In the past few years, innovative technologies have reduced chip delay in the actual IC semiconductor material. However in a packaged IC, signal delay has not been able to be reduced as much. Thus, packages have become a bottleneck in high-speed system. One of the best solutions is micro BGA. A microBGA exhibits better performance compared to other technologies when chip delay is a concern.

Since the micro BGA package is more compact than other SMT devices and hence, has a shorter contact length from the device pin to the outside world. Therefore, it provides a lower inductance/impedance path to all signals. It can keep pace with the advance of IC semiconductor and logic implementation technologies, has minimized the signal losses by increasing the packaging density and reducing the packaging delay.

A micro BGA’s electrical performance shows it has low resistance, capacitance and inductance. For high performance applications, an optional ground plane further reduces the self and mutual inductance, as well as cross talk.

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