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X-Ray and AOI

AOI is deployed with a golden board to capture virtually any placement flaws and defects. It catches manufacturing defects like area defects, component offsets, component polarity, component presence or absence, component skew from surface mount pads, excessive solder joints, flip components, insufficient solder joints and paste around leads, tombstoning, solder bridges, and solder paste registration.

A variety of different BGAs including micro BGAs require the latest in x-ray inspection to assure quality and reliability by playing a vital role in ascertaining wire-bonding integrity.

Regular and automated x-ray inspections (AXI) are used on the assembly floor. AXI is used for leading edge technologies such as ball-grid arrays (BGAs), chip scale packaging, flip chips, QFNs, DFNs, and others. It shines x-ray radiation through a component package like a BGA to view images including wire bonding, solder joints, and solder defects, if any. Standard x-ray inspection is used for simple applications, whereas high-end x-ray is used to detect such defects as head-on-pillow, disjointed balls on a BGA package, wire bonding damage, and other similar problems

x-ray of wire bonding

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