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Package on Package (POP) Benefits

Package on package or POP technology, as it is known, is definitely making greater inroads into PCB assembly and into new generation products, especially mobile, wireless, and portable applications.  Those are the ones demanding high density, highly complex devices and requiring considerable size shrinking and cramming onto smaller PCB real estate. 

As the name implies and as shown below, POP stacks one BGA packaged device on top of another using a standard interface to pass signals between the devices.  It combines in a vertical fashion fully packaged and pre-tested discrete memory BGA and logic BGA packages.

Benefits of using POP

  • Logic & Memory Seperation:  BGA packaged memory and logic are separate in a POP arrangement.  This means if one is bad, you only lose that one and not both logic and memory, which is the case with stacked-die packages. 
  • Cost Savings:  You control the logistics, allowing you to shop around for the lowest cost memory or logic for your PCB application.
  • More Cost Savings: You can save extra dollars at assembly also because POP let’s you interchange one BGA package for another without penalty.  For example, smaller memory can be used for a lower end product, while greater memory BGA is used for a high-end one.   Meanwhile, the logic BGA package below the memory BGA remains the same.  
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