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BGA Reballing

We can de-populate your old BGA, re-populate it with either a new one or a re-balled one, do an x-ray and make sure it’s assembled right. It doesn’t matter if your BGAs are metal core, ceramic or glass based package. We take care of it all in house by experienced professionals. After it’s done, we do x-ray followed by testing to assure reliability and good quality.

Key Facts About BGA Re-balling

BGA re-balling is widely used for:

  • PCBA re-work; board troubleshooting and BGA debug re-work
  • RMA board repair
  • BGA RoHS vs. tin-lead version re-configuration change
  • BGA solder-ball alloy change.

A number of key steps are involved in this process. Here are the areas to keep a wary eye on.

Limit Re-balling Times -- It’s best to re-ball a BGA only one time for yield critical applications.  BGAs for normal applications can be re-balled two to three times.  Anything more than 2 or 3 re-balling cycles and you start facing yield and long-term reliability issues. 

Avoid Immersion Silver Surface PCB Finish  -- ENIG or electroless nickel immersion gold is the best PCB surface finish to work with for BGA re-balling because it can withstand multiple thermal cycles and offers good solderability.

Precise Solder-Ball/Pad Diameter Ratio -- Remember that too small a solder-ball diameter for a large pad results in low yield and soldering defects.  The same is true for too large a solder-ball diameter for a small pad.

Baking PCBs to IPC Standards – BGA-populated PCBs must be properly baked according to IPC standards before removing BGAs from the boards, before re-balling BGAs, and before re-installing BGAs back on the PCBs during re-work. 

Storage in dry box or moisture barrier bags – BGA-loaded PCBs, prior to re-balling BGA components, and re-balled BGA components must be kept moisture proof.  Otherwise, the result is the “popcorn” cracking effect and de-lamination caused by trapped BGA moisture.  

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